Southwest Electrolysis & Spa

Southwest Electrolysis & Spa is located in Fort Wayne, IN and offers services including electrolysis hair removal, massage therapy, micro-needeling, and much more. They were having issues generating new clients after the old ones were finished with their hair removal treatment packages. The business had tried Facebook ads with little to no success due to poor targeting and uncompelling ad creatives.

We created a plan to target more relevant users and use Facebook Lead Ads to get contact info without sending people to their website. We originally focused their offering to a target audience and got a consistent lead generation that was not only substantially less expensive than their previous ad campaigns, it also had a higher rate of new client booking.

Through a Voice Of The Customer (VOC) Analysis, we discovered that one of the main objections to signing up was a lack of education on the part of the consumer including many misconceptions of how the treatment worked and fears about pain. We decided that throwing an “open house” event would eliminate many of those fears and questions on behalf of potential clients. We ran tests that got them leads to sign up at 90% cheaper than the original campaign and ads offering a free 10 minute trial had a lead sign up cost 80% less expensive than the regular open house ads. Moreover, they had a 70%+ booking rate from these leads despite it being in the slowest seasonal part of the year.

The amount of experience and knowledge available was incredibly helpful. This has helped to drive our company to over 1M in sales in 2018 and be set up properly for continued growth. Thank you for everything and we hope to work with you again soon!

Landon Wagner

COO, Herbal Fracture