Artex Safe Therapy

Artex Safe Therapy offers unique products that are complex and can be confusing to potential customers. In a nutshell, they create therapeutic wraps filled with a special wax (known as a Phase Change Material or PCM) that freezes at 42°F, 58°F, and 78°F instead of ice at 32°F. This allows the wraps to reduce inflammation while also avoiding the issues that come with using ice for therapy.

The original website had poor design choices that hindered the eCommerce conversion rates paired with poorly targeted digital advertising. We redesigned the sales funnel on the website by creating more educational pages, having a professional copywriter clean up the verbiage, and reduced the info required to purchase. After these changes the conversion rate increased by 88.2% and the average order size increased by 40.9%. We were also able to optimize the Amazon listings and Amazon Advertising campaigns to decrease the cost per conversion by 34.89% and lowered their product return rate by 29.5%.

The amount of experience and knowledge available was incredibly helpful. This has helped to drive our company to over 1M in sales in 2018 and be set up properly for continued growth. Thank you for everything and we hope to work with you again soon!

Landon Wagner

COO, Herbal Fracture